COVID 19 Cleaning and Disinfecting


We Clean And Disinfect Surfaces Using The Latest CDC And Government Guideline

 We will clean and apply an appropriate EPA registered disinfectant in accordance with the application directions provided by the manufactures label.

Although no currently avaliable antimicrobial has been tested against the SARS-CoV-2, Supersonic Cleaning Services is using the latest information

available from the EPA as well as chemical manufactures to ensure we use the best products available. We use the most powerful professional grade germicidal cleaners available and that are on the EPA recommended list of approved cleaners.

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How Do We Disinfect Surfaces?

The recent "Coronavirus or COVID-19"  has gained a notorious reputation in a short amount of time. The nature of the virus is difficult to treat because of the latent effects the virus exhibits.

Most people who become infected with COVID-19 don't show symptoms for up to two weeks, making it extremely difficult to track and even more difficult to contain.

Supersonic Cleaning Services adheres to all OSHA, CDC and IICRC procedures, protocols and guidelines. For example, the recent outbreak for

coronavirus is still novel, so we continuously consult with update to the minute solutions from and information from the CDC, in this situation.

→ Supersonic Cleaning Services Adheres to all CDC guidelines using broad spectrum disinfectants to kill viruses and bacterium.
→ All surfaces are wiped down and decontaminate is applied with fogging as well as chemical wipe down.
→ Full-body PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) based on CDC guidelines is worn by all technicians.


What's the Cleaning Process & Areas Of Disinfection?


Supersonic Cleaning Services follows all CDC protocols in regards to cleaning areas that might be contaminated. We will clean and disinfect any business or home large or small! We disinfect the entire area with antimicrobial fogging machines using EPA-registered disinfectants.


Then do a thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks by spraying and wiping with powerful EPA approved broad spectrum disinfectants. In as little as an hour after our technicians are done cleaning the space may be occupied.

                                      Disease and Outbreaks are very serious. Should you believe to be in a contaminated area, call immediately for assistance.

Do not take chances with your health!

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