Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning in Poughkeepsie, NY

The Best Tile & Grout Cleaning in Poughkeepsie

Stains and dirt can be overly apparent on carpeting, but on tile and grout they may not be as obvious. The truth is, dirt and grime can easily get trapped in tiny cracks and grout that you likely can’t even see, let alone adequately clean. That’s where tile and grout cleaning comes in.

Renewed Appearance Every Time

All floors need routine maintenance and care. Your tile and grout are no exception. The more often you get your tile and grout cleaned, the easier it will be for you to maintain them between cleanings.

As a very porous material, your tile collects more dirt than you may think. Absorbing dirt, mold, and grime, it is important that you deep clean your tile to ensure a healthy living space. Our trained and knowledgeable experts at Supersonic Cleaning Services will not only give you the tile cleaning you need, but also a new shine, renewing the entire image of your room. Brightening up dingy colors, filling gaps, and removing all dirt, you can trust our tile and grout cleaning services to provide you with results that you are sure to love. Never wonder what kinds of dirt and grime lie within your tile floors again!

Emergency Flood Response

Supersonic Cleaning Services also provides emergency flood response and water extraction when disaster occurs. Flooding and water damage not only have the potential to ruin your space, but also bring a lot of dirt and bacteria inside. If you do not act fast after a flood has occurred, you may be at risk for health issues and property damage. Wait for too long and you’ll need air duct cleaning as well, as mold and more get into your ventilation system.
Get the water out in a safe and efficient manner. We will remove all standing water, make sure it will not return, and dry your carpet and floor ensuring the proper disinfecting solutions and processes are in place. Water damage is no fun, but if it happens, you can rely on Supersonic Cleaning Services to help and help fast. Call us when you need us.