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By lemaster 20 Aug, 2016

While many people see the benefits of carpet and rug cleaning, all too often the furniture is neglected. This is true for both the home and in a business, but it’s never a good idea to let your furniture go neglected. Here are some instances where ignoring upholstery cleaning just isn’t an option.

In A Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are most associated with hospitals and doctor’s offices, where the upholstery is coming in constant contact with sick people. Isn’t it strange that they have white paper over the examination table but not over the chairs in the waiting room? Chairs should be regularly and professionally cleaned in order to protect all patients.

The same is also true for any waiting room. People from all walks of life wait around for oil changes and dentist appointments, and not all of them are as “hygienically sound” as they should be. Some will be spilling Taco Bell hot sauce on your waiting room furniture, so help keep your public perception positive with professional carpet cleaning.

Home Furniture

Have you ever visited someone’s house and, despite there being multiple places to sit, you just didn’t want to sit down? While you’re reasonably sure that that jelly stain has long since dried, you simply didn’t feel like sitting on it.

People get accustomed to the way their furniture looks and seldom consider how others might view it. Upholstery cleaning will remove the obvious stains but can also get rid of all of the hair, skin cells, and dust mites that are hanging around.

Restaurant Furniture

Much like the home furniture mentioned above, customers don’t want to use dirty furniture when they sit down for a meal at a restaurant. When you have us perform upholstery cleaning, we can clean and deodorize your restaurant furniture. We can then add protective coatings to your furniture so that it’s easier to clean the next time that customers get messy…something that is sure to happen before the end of the day!

Upholstery cleaning isn’t something to be ignored. Whether you need us for your home or business, Supersonic Cleaning can make your furniture clean and sanitary. Contact us today for a free consultation!

By lemaster 20 Aug, 2016

At Supersonic Cleaning, we deal with so many types of customers every day. There are those who call regarding hospital waiting rooms and need upholstery cleaning, and there are restaurant owners who are in need of our commercial carpet cleaning because of all the food that’s dropped on the floor.

But when it comes to our residential customers, we often see three very specific types of customers. Who are they?

“The Spot”

These customers have had something very specific happen to their carpet or couch, and they are in need of immediate carpet or furniture cleaning. Many times they’ve had a party and Kool-Aid or wine has been spilled right in the middle of the living room. Or their cousin Joe was eating curry on the couch and let a piece of chicken get away from him.

Sometimes the spot is just a dirty area in a well-traveled path in the house, and the customer is simply particular that everything looks as good as it can. We can help them out with that too.

By lemaster 20 Aug, 2016

As carpet cleaners, we pride ourselves on giving you the absolute best carpet cleaning possible. And trust us, in our many years; we’ve seen all sorts of reasons why people have called us up to handle their carpet cleaning needs. Here are the top three reasons people give us a call.


When you’re around something every day, you tend to not notice the slow changes. For many people, the carpet just gets a little dirtier month after month until one day you wake up and realize that you’re embarrassed to have company over because of how bad the carpet looks! Before you reach this point, take a look at your carpet and notice the stuff that you simply wish wasn’t there. Then know that we can get rid of it in less than an hour!


Spills are certainly one of the most common reasons people call us for steam cleaning. While the rest of the carpet might look perfectly fine before the party (perhaps they just cleaned for the event), it now has a very nasty wine stain right in the middle of the room. When you have a spill and you have no clue how to get rid of it, give Supersonic Cleaners a call.


Carpets tend to be the collectors of so many unhealthy pathogens. Invisible particles of dog waste are tracked in; allergens come through the windows and settle into the carpet fibers only to be sent airborne again in a different season. If you’re worried that your carpet might be making you sick, it’s time to contact Supersonic Cleaners.

Carpet cleaning can be great for your physical and mental health. When it’s time to get it taken care of, Supersonic Cleaners will be there for you.

By lemaster 20 Aug, 2016

We’d like to welcome you to the new and improved Supersonic Cleaning website. Supersonic is dedicated to bringing the absolute best in cleaning services to Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Putnam, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

We love cleaning and offer a variety of residential and commercial services in order to give everyone we work for a healthier, happier environment. Here are some of the services we offer to the eastern New York area.

Carpet Cleaning

First and foremost, we’re carpet cleaners. Carpet becomes one of the most neglected parts of a home or business, which is unfortunate considering how many pathogens are hanging out under your feet. Supersonic Cleaning prides itself on being the best carpet cleaner around, and we look forward to proving it to you.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the best way to ensure that you’re breathing the cleanest possible air in your home. It’s especially important to take care of if you’ve just bought a pre-owned home so that you can eliminate the problems the previous owners left behind.

Upholstery Cleaning

Why buy new furniture when you can make your old furniture look new? Always give furniture cleaning a try before getting rid of your perfectly good couches and chairs.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs get just as dirty as carpets, and yet we tend to ignore them. Get them back to their original condition by hiring professional rug cleaners.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

You’ll be amazing at the difference when you call us for tile cleaning and grout cleaning. Make everything look new again!

Power Washing

Whether it’s the outside of your home, a stone wall, or a deck, we can give it the right level of power washing so that the grime is gone without hurting the material.

Supersonic Cleaning is proud to serve the area by making everything look so much nicer than when we arrived. Contact us when you need any of these cleaning services!

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